Continuous further development of our expertise in ceramic extrusion makes ZMB BRAUN one of today’s leading manufacturers of extrusion tools for such technical ceramic products as catalytic converters for the automotive industry, petrochemicals and many more.

1. Extrusion dies for honeycomb ceramics

  • Monolithic (honeycomb) ceramics
  • SCR catalytic converters (cats) for trucks / cars / power plants / factories, 3-way catalytic converters, biogas plant catalytic converters
  • Hot gas filters, power plant filters, ceramic filters for the reduction of pollutant emissions
  • Diesel particulate filters (DPF), gasoline/petrol particulate filters (GPF/PPF)

3. Extrusion dies for (monolithic) catalytic converters

  • Pellet-type catalytic converters (perforated plates)
  • “Spaghetti” (perforated plates) cats
  • Ceramic monoliths, honeycomb ceramics, filter catalytic converters
    (2 in 1 ceramic Monoliths)

5. Extrusion dies for (monolithic) fluid filters

  • Round (tubular) membranes
    /Cross-flow filtration membranes
  • CFM = ceramic flat sheet membranes) /Dead-end filtration membranes
  • Multi-channel membranes
  • Acid-resistant membranes,
    alkali-resistant membranes,
    chemically resistant membranes
  • Water filters

3. Extrusion dies for (monolithic) ceramics

Heat conductors

  • Ceramic heating-element supports / heating elements
  • High temperature heaters (HTH)
  • MoSi2 heating conductors / heating rods
  • Star radiators

Electrical engineering

  • Fuel cells / ion-conductor ceramics / semiconductor ceramics / (flat) solid ion conductors* (with subsequent calendering)


  • Capillaries / tubes / protection tubes e.g. for instrumentation/kiln insulation

Other solid columns

  • Ceramic “axles” / cylindrical solid columns / ceramic rollers
  • Ceramic cosmetic products, e.g. nail files made from solid columns

Our Know-How for the Extrusion of Ceramic Materials
Aluminium oxide
Activated carbon / carbon black
Titanium dioxide (titanium oxide) - Tungsten oxide,
Silicon carbide
Aluminium nitride

In addition, ZMB BRAUN offers a wide range of anti-wear solutions for various die geometries and versatile applications.


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