Trend – setting Technology for cleaning dies in the heavy clay industry

Key Features
Customized cleaning for excellent results
Environmentally friendly: uses only water with no chemical additives
Modular design
Individually adjustable for optimum cleaning effect
Saves time and energy
Special high-pressure pump and nozzles for pressures up to 230 bar (optional 300 bar)
Economical: cleaning takes only about 30 minutes
Robust and easy to use
Extrusion Die Cleaning Machine CLEAN-TEC

To enable effective, economical cleaning of increasingly filigree extrusion dies, the companies HÄNDLE and ZMB BRAUN have developed a special extrusion die cleaning machine.

Its main advantages derive from its economical, ecological mode of operation.

Its standard programs and individually adjustable nozzles for diverse dies are guaranteed to simultaneously accelerate the cleaning process and save energy . Its high-pressure nozzles are specially designed for optimal cleaning effect, minimal water usage and shorter cleaning cycles. The dies are cleaned using only water containing no added chemicals.

Cleaning takes roughly 30 minutes, depending on the format of the die and the material of which it is made. Further advantages include its robust construction, its ease of operation thanks to top loading, and its modular design based on standard parts and drives.