The pressure head forms the connection between the extruder and the die and is therefore a key component. ZMB BRAUN offers several different solutions to ensure an optimal material ?ow. A range of options such as regulating slides and plastic versions are available.

Pressure head with external regulation and plastic insert
Combined pressure head and die assembly
Slotted dies, 8 columns; pressure head with external regulation
Combined pressure head and die assembly for stiff extrusion
Holistic consideration of the extruder, pressure head and die system

The extrusion process continues to play a central role in the shaping of heavy clay products. Putting the customer in a position to manufacture products of outstanding quality with maximum efficiency calls for a high degree of know-how on the part of the machine manufacturer.

The successful partnership and close interaction between HÄNDLE and ZMB BRAUN represent added value for the customer. The entire system – extruder, pressure head and die –  is optimally designed and refined.