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Quality products by ZMB BRAUN, the global market leader for dies covering a wide range of products and solutions for the ceramic industry. »Products…

Technical Ceramics

Over the years, ZMB BRAUN has continuously developed its expertise in ceramic extrusion and is now also a specialist in the manufacture of extrusion tools for technical ceramic products (catalytic converters and other ceramic filters). » Technical ceramics…

MSW – Quick-Change Die Loading System

ZMB BRAUN’s type-MSW quick-change die loading system offers high flexibility and substantial advantages for switching from one die to another.

MSW is a self-powered pressure-head accessory for fast-action mounting and fixing of extrusion dies.
Additionally on request, ZMB BRAUN will either modify your existing pressure head for the MSW or supply a pressure head predesigned for an MSW retrofit at some later date.

Die/Pressure-Head Combination for Stiff Extrusion

This special-purpose assembly alters the flow of clay from round to oval and, ultimately,  Outputs the brick’s typical rectangular shape.  The
shortened pressure zone helps reduce friction and, hence, bring down energy costs.

ZMB Braun offers a broad range of material options for all components with the exception of the pressure head.
Material selection is a function of budget, throughput load and product design.