labeling roller

Use a ZMB labeling roller to label your products with your company logo and all important information.

Interchangeable segments and a ball bearing at the center of the brass roller ensure flexible, smooth operation..

B-TEC spare parts box

In our B-TEC spare parts case, you’ll find everything you need for carefree work on your B-TEC die.

Various core holders (Ø 8-12 mm), tapered screws, pins and suitable tools are always right at hand.

bearing pedestal

Store your ZMB dies simply and securely on a ZMB bearing pedestal. The bearing pedestal can be removed in one easy step, clearing the way for all necessary work on the die.

Wire guide

Trust but verify! Monitor the column advance easily and reliably with a ZMB wire guide. Available for all formats, the guide is ready for use in just a few easy steps.