Ensures absolutely fast and efficient changing process of dies for the heavy clay industry.

Key Features
The pure die-changing time is reduced to less than 2 minutes.
Thanks to the hydraulic feed system, the time-consuming removal of clay is no longer necessary.
Much easier changeover drastically reduces the workload.
Manual alignment of the die is no longer necessary.
The die-changing process requires only a single operator.
Offers vital convenience of handling for multi-exit dies.
Easier adjustment of optimal column flow makes for better, more consistent product quality.
User friendly, low-maintenance solution
MSW - Quick-Change Die Loading System

ZMB BRAUN’s type-MSW die loading system offers high flexibility and substantial advantages for switching from one die to another.

MSW is a self-powered pressure-head accessory for fast-action hydraulic mounting and fixing of extrusion dies. Hydraulic-action wedge clamps attach and secure the die on the pressure head. Hydraulic hoses connect the MSW’s separately mounted operator’s station to the pressure head.

ZMB BRAUN additionally offers to either modify your existing pressure head for the MSW or supply a pressure head predesigned for an MSW retrofit at some later date.