Trend-setting die Technology for the production of high-quality heavy clay products

Key features
Fixing plate
Internal adjustment via tiered flat and angled slides
External regulating system (MSP)
Intermediate frame with replaceable liners and separating wedges
Exit ledges of diverse design
– optionally made of tool steel, ceramic or cemented carbide
Flow-optimized lattice structure for the core holders
Flow-optimized taper screws
Threaded core holders with anti-rotation lock and variable diameter
Cores with anti-rotation lock
Optionally made of hard-chrome-plated steel, ceramic or a threaded combination of steel and cemented carbide
Der MODUL-TEC Design Standards

MODUL-TEC´s design standards are universally applicable to a wide range of product groups. They stand for a modular design that readily adapts to the respective product format. The extrusion advance can be adjusted via various control options. For example, the easily installable, compatible core holders can be replaced with ones having a different diameter. The column advance can also be individually controlled by way of the external regulating system (MSP) and the adjustable slides on the fixing plate.

Each MODUL-TEC construction is individually designed to fit the product

and can be supplied with different overall depths or modules. This system can be used for different product groups.