Ensures absolutely fast and efficient maintenance work on dies for the heavy clay industry.

Key Features
Caster wheels ø 125 mm
Pedestal bearings
Push-pull toggle clamps
Handwheel Ø 250 mm
Worm gear
Leveling pads
Star grip
Turnover manipulator
Base frame
MMT - Die Maintenance Stand

The portable die maintenance stand is fully accessible from all sides , hence greatly facilitating the die maintenance process. The stand allows one person to turn and reposition the die as often as required in just a few minutes, e.g., for replacing parts, thus enabling fast, efficient maintenance work on dies.

ZMB BRAUN customizes and sizes the table according to each customer‘s own specific die requirements. This ensures that a single table will suffice for all dies a customer is expecting to use. The table is fully portable for easy relocation within the plant.